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N-Well specializes in Bearing Services; however we are not restricted to performing just Bearing Related Services only. We can help your organization in the following areas:


•  Total Inspection Services
•  Third party Inspection services
•  Dimensional Inspection
•  Rework
•  Visual Inspection
•  Material Reclaim
•  Packaging
•  Assembly

N-Well is capable of performing Dimensional & Visual inspection on the following bearing characteristics:


•  Width
•  Outside Diameter
•  Inside Diameter
•  Bearing Surfaces Visual Inspection
•  Seal Fits
•  Seal Heights
•  Bearing Identification codes

We can assist you with your quality investigations by providing you with timely quality reports during our inspection & sorting stages.


We provide bearing seal stripping & degreasing services.

• Remove Seals & Shields

• Remove Grease from Grease & Sealed bearings


Material Recovery makes perfectly good sense for any organization that is either presently certified to ISO 14001 or presently working towards certification. Companies who are not interested in becoming certified, however have a strong commitment to a healthy environment, can benefit from Material Reclamation.

N-Well specializes in recovering expensive bearing components such as Outer Rings & Inner Rings through our numerous Bearing Component recovery programs.

Our Tooling & Processes are specially designed to prevent damage to any surface of the bearing during the dismantling stage. Our team members are specially trained to handle all parts with great care during the sensitive dismantling stages.

For all your Bearing Packaging needs, we can pack product to your desired configurations. We are trained and qualified to ensure that all of your packaging requirements are met; ensuring strict controls are in place to prevent part number mix ups during the repacking stages.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements with us involving:


•  General Product Inspection & Sorting Services
•  Bearing Dimensional & Inspection Services
•  Bearing Dismantling
•  Bearing Degreasing
•  Packaging


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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