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  N-Well Inc Recognizes that Quality is Everyone's Responsibility. Our Future is directly related to our ability to exceed our Customer's Expectations in all areas of Quality Delivery & Price.
  N-Well Inc's Commitment to all Individuals is to instill Pride & Confidence through Training, Personal Development & Encouragement. We value the importance of all Company Employees with Respect Dignity & Trust.
Our working hours are flexible. Our expectations are not.
  Do the Job Right
Do it for the Right Price
Deliver it at the Right Time
  The most powerful tool for quality is achieved through our strong respect for housekeeping. We believe that without the highest level of housekeeping we cannot control Safety, Quality and Productivity. Work areas throughout the organization are maintained consistently throughout the year. We do not promote practices that encourage waste.
  First and foremost N-Well respects our Customers, their products and their needs.
  We believe our employees are our most important assets in the Company. The respect of each employee is not something we practice with just words. We genuinely care about their working lives with the company because we believe this is good for our organization.
  We communicate openly with our employees regarding all company matters. We believe good communication begins with being honest.

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